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Centerport Harbor Civic Association (“CHCA”) is a completely volunteer organization. All residents and business owners in the area in and around Centerport are eligible for membership.

A member in good standing is defined as one or more members of the same household who have paid the current annual dues. The membership year runs from January through December.

Voting: The payment of annual dues entitles each registered household to one vote in all CHCA
elections. All votes are by majority rule.

Dues: The amount of the annual dues is determined by the Executive Board. Dues are payable when a member joins and/or by January 31 st of each year.

Benefits: Members will receive emails, newsletters and announ
cements and will be invited to regular meetings. Agendas will cover issues of local interest.
Please note that dues to civic Associations are NOT tax deductible 
                                                            Interested in becoming a member?  
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